The Collective

Radical /Activist Entrepreneurship = Economic Transformation

Meet the Collective Members!

Every collective member has been deeply engaged in advancing radical entrepreneurship, ecosystem development and social change for at least a decade. We have 200+ years of lived experience between us. We have taken different paths towards the top of the same mountain which means we have very diverse perspectives and viewpoints that underpin our work. We have worked together and collaborated on a number of entrepreneurship ecosystem and  support transformation projects over the years.

As a collective, everyone here is an independent practitioner. This is a non-hierarchical, distributed benefit organization.

Caretaking and administration duties are assigned. But leadership is shared.

Membership in this collective is by invitation only. If you are interested, please let us know by contacting us.

A bookstore with lights handing from the ceiling. The shades for the lights are book covers.

pk mutch


Feminist, Social Entrepreneur, Journalist, Publisher

Land: tkaronto/Toronto, Canada

Watershed: Don River

I design post-growth and activist entrepreneurship education for startup ecosystems.

Janice Bartley


Black entrepreneur advocate, Food entrepreneurship expert

Land: tkaronto/Toronto, Canada

Watershed: Don Valley

I help Black food entrepreneurs succeed.

Valerie Fox


Optimist Mitochrondriac Grandmother

Land: tkaronto/Toronto, Canada

Watershed: Don Valley

I build successful, thriving entrepreneurship ecosystems.

A photo of white man with light brown hair in a blue suit

Gerardo Gecco


Tech Lawyer & IP Counsel

Land: Milan, Italy

Watershed: Po River

I work to advance and support gendered digital innovation, ethical AI, and systemic change.

CV Harquail


Feminist Writer Questionner

Land: shikaakwa/Chicago IL, USA

Watershed: Chicago/Calumet

I build tools for feminist entrepreneurs, teach and write about feminist enterprise work.

Melanie Riebeck


Compupter Scientist, Cyber Security Expert, Post Growth Economy Advocate

Land: Netherlands

Watershed: Amstel River

I help young enterprises adopt flat growth curves and reject the need for investors, scaling and exits.