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Leading Us into the 22nd Century

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If we want a one planet, just world, we have to change entrepreneurship programming and education.

Working to transform the economy–one startup at a time.

This we know. The post-capitalist era is pushing through the ruins. Personal transformation, liberation, justice for all life, plus climate mitigation is the work of our time. A growing global community of innovative, resistance-centered startups, grassroots organizations, economists, artists, writers and community organizers are fueling the change.  Liberatory, radical, post-growth activist entrepreneurs–their work helps us imagine, experience and achieve a different future. They are starving for aligned startup programming, policies and support.

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Client centered. Imaginative. Leading edge. International. Deeply collaborative and generative. On-Time. On Budget. With Care.  We work primarily at a B2B/B2O level.