A bookstore with lights handing from the ceiling. The shades for the lights are book covers.

Book: From Head Shops to Whole Foods: The The Rise and Fall of Activist Entrepreneurs by Joshua Clark Davis

Informative, but incomplete U.S.-based historical accounts of activist entrepreneurship.

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Post Growth Entrepreneurship Model

Melanie Rieback’s Model of Post Growth Entrepreneurship

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The Feminist Business Model Canvas

The FBMC is designed to help you with one critical task–sketching out, on a single page, the core assumptions of your business idea and how it all fits together to create sustainable value, demonstrate your values, and promote social change.

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Flourishing Enterprise Innovation Toolkit

The Flourishing Enterprise Innovation Toolkit

The Flourishing Enterprise Innovation Toolkit is a new way to help enterprises and their investors prosper through collaboration with all their stakeholders to improve their financial, social and environmental performance.

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LiisBethMX Radical Bylaws Checklist

For over a year, LiisBeth Media work on re-imagining our governance structures and the crafting of radically inclusive, socially just bylaws.  Here is a checklist that summarizes what we learned along the way.

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I Don’t Know How She Does It

An ebook published by LiisBeth Media with stories about feminist entrepreneurs plus a list of resources for women entrepreneurs.

Includes six inspiring stories plus list of resources.

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